Thursday, August 10, 2017



The only requirement of using Exaltation is Node.js.

Getting Started

The following instructions are for creating a blog using GitHub pages. You can use Exaltation with any HTTP hosting service you want.

  1. Create a Github pages repository.
  2. Download and unzip the Exaltation repository into your local Github pages repo.
  3. Edit your local version of the src\data.js file with your site and personal information.

Authoring Blog Posts

  1. Create a new markdown file in the `src\articles\` folder with your blog article
  2. Add a new entry to src\articles.json file with the title, date, file name, and description of your blog article.
  3. Run node src\build.js

The following source files will be generated in the root folder:

The articles will be generated and placed in the folder: `blog\`.


There are three main ways to customize the web-site generated via Exaltation:

  1. data.js - The configuration file is in JavaScript instead of JSON so you can leverage the full strength of the language.
  2. templates - These files control the main layout of the index page, and the article posts in conjunction with the configuration file
  3. build.js - For those a bit more bold, you can always customize the main build script as it is just 200 lines of well documented JavaScript.

Getting the Newest Version of Myna

The Exaltation blog generator uses several tools provided with the Myna parsing toolkit. Bugs and fixes that occur in Myna can be retrieved using the command: npm update.If you don't have it, you will have to install npm.

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